Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What Are We Trying To Do?

Essentially we are trying to re-define nightlife by eliminating "admission fee's" and making everyone a VIP with the chance to win a daily perk (anything from $10 voucher to $500 voucher). Reversing roles by making the venues pay up, because we are the customer and the customer always comes first. You don't pay at restaurants to get in then again to eat now do you? It just doesn't make sense! "If it's free it's for me", therefore everyone should want it!

The Future We Are Creating

The future of the nightlife scene should be treating and appreciating customers as clients and clients as people, Very Important People, because without them, they wouldn't have a business.
We understand that when there are "special guests" brought in that they require accomodations, we have this covered with the ability for event organizers/promoters/managers to sell QR e-tickets through us to cover these costs, at the same time eliminating paper and making everything digitalized.
In the future, we plan to go a step ahead and spread across iPhone Apps and Android Apps, with even more super powers where everyone benefits even more.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

I myself am an avid partier (used to be, now I'm getting old) since my late teens and have been supporting the industry for a long-time. I am personable, making myself a VIP everywhere I go (usually thru bouncers, then to the staff, then the owners/managers). I can take 10-people with me and cut any local line-up, and I realized that I wanted to distribute these "powers" and my vehicle of choice is via the internet. Meanwhile with this in mind, I would go to visit family in my hometown during the holidays and everytime we would have the same dilemma... the same question would arise every time... where to go tonight???
So I spent the last 10-months developing this 10-12-hours a day locked in my room to get it done!

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