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          Making nightLife easy.

We actually launched a few day's ago, possibly a little premature, but I had been working on this project for over 9-months (even through my trip in China) and felt like it was "time" and couldn't carry the weight anymore, pun intended.  My baby was born and it was time to get real peoples feedback; everyone loves it so far, so now we just need to get the word out.

I'm from Toronto, Ontario, which I travel down to visit during Christmas, and after all the food, fun and family time, I was always bored after and wanted to go out and party, either at night clubs or bars (I've always enjoyed loud, bass intensified music and club hoppin' - and bottle poppin'). Since my birthday is 2-day's after X-mas, it was just natural that there was absolutely nothing to do in the city, at least I couldn't find these place's, and every time it would be a mission to search and conquer these spots.

When my cousins and I would get there, we would have to pay some type of admission to get in, and no VIP so we would have to wait in the long boring line-ups. (which when I'm in my current city, Ottawa, I know a lot of people in the industry, and just know where to go and who to talk to and walk right thru the barriers, but in unfounded territory it's just not the same. - especially when you can't find anywhere to even go for that matter.), and plus it's my 1-day, I don't feel special at this point at all. It was too much work to celebrate my birthday (it actually felt like work), eventually I wouldn't even care where we went I just needed a drink at that point, or 10.

I mean, we just spent whole lotta of money on taxi cab's leaving in and out of the district to find out that spot A has weird music, spot B is dead, and spot C is closed, and spot D has a giant line-up that wraps-around-the-building. Great. Plus, it's my birthday and you want me to pay to get into the club, and then buy drinks from you? Really? Then when you're spot is dead, you still charge me. Whenever I go to a restaurant they never charge me to go in and sit to order food, this just doesn't make sense when your average customer spend's $55/night (based off of market-research by Optimized Atlanta -

Where is the customer appreciation!? This was a problem and it needed a solution.

Way back, 9-months ago, before I began developing the site from the ground up, it came very clear to me that there wasn't a website to find place's to go, or "where to go tonight" for the nightLife, even if there was there was nothing special about it. Whenever traveling, it was frustrating because we would go downtown, looking for place's, and it was a hit or miss (even in Toronto, Ontario. Imagine that. - for those who don't know, we compare Montreal and Toronto as mega cities that don't sleep, equivalent to New York).

So anyways, I devised a solution that would make everyone happy targeting CANADA, USA, UK and AUSTRALIA night life scene which in its course evolved into what it is today: a platform which interconnects VIP client's, promoter's, dj's, bartenders and all bar staff, hostess, owner's and manager's together seamlessly in a way that everyone benefits.  FREE Admission for ALL members + FREE VIP Line bypass (minimal waiting in line-ups) + Daily Chance to Win perk incentive's (as offered by bar - only one person can win the perk). That's just for the vip client.

Then you have Tool's for promoters (when events approved by management), managers and owners like custom event pages, venue pages, feedback (vip clients are sent a sms to their phone to give feedback if they went to the venue when they joined the guestlist.) to gage and improve, statistics (based off feedback and guestlist), guest management checklist (allows real-time management and collection of customer loyalty tracking. It's a new age of innovative marketing with a streamlined management platform, complete with feature-rich options like Real-time Guest Management Checklists (GMC) and Booth/table Reservations,  VIP client feedback via SMS, statistics, and powerful viral marketing which take's advertising venues to another playing field.

Keep this in mind: high client turn-over+daily influx of fresh customers, who come in, buy and go to the next spot. A network of people looking to go out and have fun. Shared amongst all venues in your local city. More clients = more $$$$$.

Our 3-step cycle to Consistent Success is AIM:
Automate - Use GMC to Manage, Automate & Market your guestlist(s).
Improve - Improve your business in all aspects from client feedback & statistics.
Monetize - Generate more money with happier customers.

I designed the viral Guest Inviter Link (GIL - "Gills" - giving life, like a fish), based off of the 6-degree's of separation, meaning everyone is separated by 6 people. Therefore, once Client (A) signs up to a guestlist, he/she will copy and paste that and send/share to his/her 5 friend's (B,C,D,E,F), which in turn (D,E) send to their 6 friend's (G,H,I,J,K,L) and (K,L,J) send to their 3 friend's (M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z....) so on and so forth, you get the idea.  So venue guestlists explode depending on perk incentives anywhere from hundreds, to thousands of targeted and have a much higher patron interest (as people whom go to our site are specifically interested in "nightLife"), and now venues have higher conversion rates by their perk incentive's. Friendly competition. Same with venue pages/event pages, when shared, people join each other lists with a mouse click. Marketing tools, management tools, all rolled up into a nice package.

We are currently building our venue database to get more venues enrolled with a limited time introductory 14-day trial offer, so signup before this offer expires!

Our service, of course, is ALWAYS FREE for VIP Clients (YOU).

We own all 3-domain's, check it out and enroll today:

2-Minute Learn More Videos on Youtube:
Perk Incentives Introductory:
VIP clients:

Take your nightLife back.

P.S other markets we will open will be in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dublin, Denver, Dallas, DC, Houston London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Long Island, Miami, Manchester, Montreal, Melbourne, NYC, New York, New york City, NY, Ottawa, Orlando, Portland, Rochester NY, Sarasota, San Fransisco, Seattle, SF, St. Louis, Sydney, San Diego, Toronto, Tampa, UK, and Vancouver :)

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