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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Just unveiled new technology and upcoming service from

We have feature-loaded iPad,iPhone,Android and Android tablet apps on the way and a patent pending on Dynamic Watermarked V-Ticket Technology
that I now have my sales team signing up venue owners (while promoting to clients, guests, managers, DJ's, promoters, event organizers, barstaff and the like who will be using our technology) with pre-sales
at introductory pricing of $149.95/month (venues spend anywhere from $300-600/month on event ticket printing costs -- we're the eco-friendly solution, with many added features, meanwhile cutting costs in 1/4th). Join the Nightlife Revolution.

What are Dynamic Watermarked V-Tickets?

Dynamic Watermarked V-Tickets are
“digital virtual tickets” which are used
to gain entry into venues, events, and one
day at your bus station, even at airports
used everywhere in your daily waking life.

Our technology allows mobile devices the ability to
display real-time (time-lapsed) moving random
“secret visuals” transmitted to both the ticket holder
and “guardian” or bouncer, and is instantly verifiable of
its validity by visual inspection which are unique to
both parties or groups at any given moment or session
and must match, along with the users face and status
colour. The date, time, special code and other pertinent
ticket information are other layers of added security
which is the key to its solidity making it undisputably
the most secure and simply uncompromisable system known
to man.

Our solution is cost-effective, eco-friendly, innovative
and revolutionary. Meanwhile eliminating costs associated
with printing, tracking and losing paper tickets.

Patent Pending 2012.

I thought I'd let everyone see our old logo, before and after:

Old logo:

Old logo (updated)

Newest Re-branded Logo:

What do you think?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Redefining Nightlife While Making It More Enjoyable, Easier, and More Profitable

The revolution of nightlife has arrived
Just imagine premier nightlife at your local clubs, bars, pubs, nightclubs, lounges with free admission and vip line bypass at participating nightclubs. Dj's, event organizers, hosts or anyone who throws special admission based events can also sell virtual paperless tickets through

Where To Go Tonight is a directory listing and guide which acts as a streamlined marketing and management platform solution for the night life industry that empowers VIP Clients, Promoters, DJ's, Barstaff, Event Organizers, Event Hosts, Bar Managers and Venue Owners by connecting them all in one place with Guestlists, Statistics, Feedback and a whole lot more that is store such as iPad, iPhone, and Android apps using our one-of-a-kind platform meanwhile causing influxes of business for owners/managers, providing them indepth and invaluable local market research data (such as age/gender/preferred drinks in their locale/music preferences and much more) as well as rewarding vip clients with party points and perk incentives for their loyal patronage.

Making The Best Night Of Your Life Even Better
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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What Are We Trying To Do?

Essentially we are trying to re-define nightlife by eliminating "admission fee's" and making everyone a VIP with the chance to win a daily perk (anything from $10 voucher to $500 voucher). Reversing roles by making the venues pay up, because we are the customer and the customer always comes first. You don't pay at restaurants to get in then again to eat now do you? It just doesn't make sense! "If it's free it's for me", therefore everyone should want it!

The Future We Are Creating

The future of the nightlife scene should be treating and appreciating customers as clients and clients as people, Very Important People, because without them, they wouldn't have a business.
We understand that when there are "special guests" brought in that they require accomodations, we have this covered with the ability for event organizers/promoters/managers to sell QR e-tickets through us to cover these costs, at the same time eliminating paper and making everything digitalized.
In the future, we plan to go a step ahead and spread across iPhone Apps and Android Apps, with even more super powers where everyone benefits even more.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

I myself am an avid partier (used to be, now I'm getting old) since my late teens and have been supporting the industry for a long-time. I am personable, making myself a VIP everywhere I go (usually thru bouncers, then to the staff, then the owners/managers). I can take 10-people with me and cut any local line-up, and I realized that I wanted to distribute these "powers" and my vehicle of choice is via the internet. Meanwhile with this in mind, I would go to visit family in my hometown during the holidays and everytime we would have the same dilemma... the same question would arise every time... where to go tonight???
So I spent the last 10-months developing this 10-12-hours a day locked in my room to get it done!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Night Clubs, Bars, Night Life, and Paperless Event Ticketing System

At, we are proud to be taking the "for-the-people" platform in which clients are the winner's. Similiar to the group-buying experience the client win's, the client is your bread and butter and they deserve the utmost appreciation. If it weren't for customers they wouldn't have a business. Everyone still eats. Even with our paid events e-ticketing service (we have 9% fee per processed ticket taken from price of ticket, lower than industry standard, end consumers never see "fees"), we do not charge the client a "service fee" like the other guys do where they add a chunk. So those other guys suck, we rule. Bottom-line. #vote for where2gotonite.
Forget what you knew about lugging heavy rolls or boxes of paper tickets, or wasting money on printing and distributing flyer's that don't work, you have more important things to handle.

Forget about forgetting ticket's at home, forget about having to run to the store to resupply your paper ticket supply. Forget forgetting, and remember that we're here to help by saving you time, energy and money! where2gotonite is proud to present our latest service...

(Virtual e-Ticket Service) A Tutorial/How-to demonstration of Live Ticket Box Office QR Scanning e-tickets sold online through with Guestlist Management for Promoters, Event Organizers, Hosts, Djs, Owners, and Managers.

The Process:

1. You Create an event at whichever venue then promote your event page thru Social Media Networks. The client buys tickets online thru where2gotonite's website, the e-ticket is then sent to them via e-mail, which they can print-at-home, OR they can present it at the point-of-entry box office at the event via their cell phone...

2. Login to where2togonite, select the corresponding guest list, then scan their tickets at your box office (point-of-entry) by either a laptop, computer, netbook, barcode scanner, iPad2, iPhone, Android, smartphones, etc. at the point-of-entry at your event. (wide range of devices are compatible. all that is required besides that is internet access to whichever device you choose to use.)

3. Tickets are validated in real-time to allow/deny entry, and we send your money (less our 9% processing fee) after another successful event! Then you can review analytics about your event, such as male/female ratios, age groups, and more. Also receive important feedback from your clients that showed up!

See the live video demonstration

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cool Features w/ More to Come! is a website which revolutionizes how venues in the nightlife industry does business from vip clients, promoters, event organizers, dj's, barstaff, owners and managers by digitalizing and automating processes which were once time consuming and mundane, acting as a robust & innovative marketing and streamlined management platform all rolled into one neat little package.
Some of the key features are as follows:
Vip clients:
- Receive a chance to win perk incentives from participating venues
- One-click automated guestlist joining & table/booth reservations
- Purchasing tickets to special events, with instant print-at-home tickets
- Giving feedback to venues after genuine visits allowing betterment from their favourite venues
- Receive priority treatment from their local venues
- Be known of daily deals happening in their local area via text/e-mail
Promoters/DJ's/Barstaff/Event Organizers/Hosts/Owners/Managers:
- Create, promote & manage events in one place
- Sell client printable tickets to special events and accept payments from all major credit cards online
- Track customer loyalties, manage guestlists in real-time or traditional paper printout
- Receive and use invaluable feedback, statistics, graphs & tools to better their business operations
- Gain new customers they wouldn’t have otherwise with Viral Pooling marketing technology and spread their event(s) virally and automatically populate guestlists thru their own social networks via their custom "Promoter/Guest Invitation Links"
- Efficiently market & manage their venues while gaining accurate & invaluable data from clients to then better gage and train their staff
- Best Return on Investment and much cheaper than producing Paper Flyers or other forms of advertising
&More is a subsidiary of CosmoNET, LLC.
If you know of any that should be in our system, you can suggest them at

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